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Why is functional testing important?

Functional testing allows us to take a more personalized approach by doing a deep dive into each individual to better identify what your body may need to function as your “best self”!

Digestive Testing

Uncovers what’s going on in your gut microbiome that could be leading to:

  • Gut inflammation

  • Food intolerances

  • Poop problems, like gas, bloating, etc.

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Food Sensitivity Testing

Assesses food and environment sensitivities that could be leading to overall inflammation, toxic burden, and external stressors on the body.

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Stress & Hormone Testing

Analyzes your body’s:

  • adrenal function and reaction to stressors

  • hormonal function that could give insight on acne, periods, period pains, and detoxification of hormones.

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Nutrient Testing

Evaluates the body’s metabolism by looking at:

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