Streamline Your Health

Through Functional Testing

Do you…

  • want boundless energy, but still want to get an amazing night’s sleep?

  • want to stop worrying about energy dips and food cravings disrupting your day?

  • want to stop burning out from the stress of endless research, guessing games and shopping bags full of supplements?

  • wish you knew exactly what your body needed to function at its prime?

  • want to be free from mistaken “pregnancy” bloating so you can wear cute and comfy outfits you feel confident in?

  • desire eating all your favorite foods again instead of worrying it will cause bloating or embarrassing toots?

  • need to take control back from your body so that your bowel movements no longer define your schedule?

  • want to empower yourself with the Savvy to know exactly what your body needs?

Our Mission

Help you discover a healthier and happier you through personalized nutrition and functional testing so you can fully show up and be present in your work, passion, and relationships without things like low energy or gut issues getting in the way.

Let’s Work Together

Stop taking the bandage approach to healing!

Our program combines advanced testing with a personalized approach to create a plan to accomplish your health and wellness goals.

Behind the Scenes

Hi! I’m Paulina.

As a registered dietitian, functional medicine practitioner, and someone who has struggled with my own health issues, I understand how sensitive and overwhelming it can be to make a lifestyle change.

Let me help you understand your body through a strategy that will empower you in your daily life. In order to upgrade and transform your health, you have to be Savvy!

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